Birthday Cake

These days, more of us are resorting to simply sending a WhatsApp or Facebook message to commemorate a loved one or friend’s birthday – after all, it’s a simpler option than buying and sending an actual greetings card. However, just sending a virtual wish misses the whole point of marking a birthday. 

More people than ever before are increasingly reliant on the latest technology to get things done, using it regularly to communicate with others. But that doesn’t mean that sending friends and family members impersonal e-cards is the right way forward!

Personalising Your Message

Giving someone you care about a physical birthday card allows you the opportunity to really personalise your message. You can add a note, written by hand, tailored to the individual, wishing them a wonderful day. It’s this kind of personalisation that’s missing from online messages – whatever you put in your online post, it cannot match up to anything written by hand in a greetings card by the sender.

Showing Your Dedication

Sending a physical birthday card also proves that you put in the effort and time to actually look for and buy something for the recipient, rather than just sending a virtual message – something that often looks like you’ve forgotten all about their special day until the last possible moment. Also, when you choose a physical greetings card, you’re showing that you’ve thought about the recipient – what sort of style and message would be most appropriate for them.

Creating Lasting Mementos

A physical birthday card can be a sentimental memento that can be treasured for many years to come. The recipient can keep cards that they’ve received and look back on them in the future. While a message on WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook may stay forever on your timeline, it isn’t quite the same in terms of sentiment. 

Physical objects bring so much more happiness and contain more precious memories – after all, you can handle and touch them – and if, one day, the person who sent the card is no longer around, it’s a precious reminder of them. 

The Joy Of Receiving

Even the longest virtual birthday message can’t give the recipient the same happiness that they get from receiving and opening a physical birthday card. When a card arrives through the door, it always puts a smile on the recipient’s face, and no online message can replicate that.

Showing You Care The Traditional Way

While online messages may be convenient, speedy and modern, it’s clear that they can’t convey the same kind of care and appreciation for the recipient as a real birthday card. Sometimes, the traditional way is the best, and when it comes to birthday greetings, that’s very much the case. 

If your family member or friend’s birthday is on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about choosing a birthday card that’s perfect for them, writing your own handwritten message, and sending it off. You can rest assured that they’ll be delighted when they open it up.