How To Stay Organised With A Planner

If you’re ready to start organising your life, buying a planner is definitely a great first step. However, once you have your brand-new daily or weekly planner in your hand, you still need to know how best to use it to get the maximum benefit from your purchase. With this in mind, here are some top tips to help you get organised and stay organised by using a planner.

  • Set Some Time Aside For Planning
  • Once you have a planner, you’ll need to make sure you’ve actually set some time aside in which to plan. Being organised with your own time is absolutely essential if you want a more streamlined life. Set yourself a routine each day to make writing in the planner second nature to you. 

    Just ten minutes each day before you go to bed, or before you check Facebook can make all the difference – it should be part of your everyday activities, just like brushing your teeth or making your coffee in the morning. 

    While you’re setting time aside, make sure to set time limits too. You can’t plan a whole year in half an hour! Plan weekly or monthly to make things more manageable.

  • Decide On The Right Planning System For You
  • There’s no wrong or right way to set up a weekly planner as everyone processes lists, deadlines and tasks differently. You need to choose a planning system which works for you. Perhaps you love tick boxes or lists, or maybe you’re a bullet journaling person? When you’ve chosen your system, though, make sure to keep it consistent so your planner doesn’t get too confused. 

  • Write It All Down
  • Everyone has a lot going on these days – between working, caring for family members, and everyday life, it’s all-too-easy to forget about things, even really important things. A top planner organisation tip is to just write it all down. From appointment times to phone numbers, and from key dates to the products that need to be added to your next shopping list, if you write it all down, you’ll never get an unpleasant surprise again!

  • Categorise Tasks
  • There are several ways you can categorise the tasks in your daily or weekly planner. Perhaps you could have a section dedicated to each type of action such as notes, deadlines or lists. Sections can be created with planner dividers, stickers, or tape. 

    Or perhaps categorising by colour is the best option for you – put all your deadlines in one shade, special dates in another, and lists in another… When you find a categorisation system that works for you, you’ll be far more organised.

    Choosing The Right Planner For You

    Now that you know how to keep yourself organised, you need to start choosing the right type of daily or weekly planner for you. Whether you’re looking for something simple that allows you to write basic lists, or whether you’re looking for something a little more involved that allows you to write positive affirmations and reflections, you’re sure to find something that allows you to stay in control of your life.