Ruby Ashley Femme Lux Birthday Card for Women

Hello and welcome

Here at Ruby Ashley, bringing you beautiful yet practical stationery is our mission.

We believe passionately in marking the moments in life. We recognise the power of greeting cards to make a real difference in our lives, and that’s what we’re all about – spreading a message of positivity, gratitude and appreciation.

Our Love of Greeting Cards

When the first official greeting cards were made in the mid-19th century, they took off in a big way as more people realised that they represented the perfect way to share their feelings, thanks and thoughts with friends and family members. The Ruby Ashley team has taken inspiration from the time-honoured tradition, creating stylish, affordable greeting cards that are suitable for all occasions. 

Although sending greetings online has become a modern trend, we believe firmly that giving and receiving a physical card is much more meaningful. Forming a lasting memento, a greeting card can be kept and looked at time and again in the years to come, renewing the initial feelings of happiness and joy that were experienced on its very first opening. 

A physical card also gives you the opportunity to send a personal and customised message to the recipient, and that’s why we always leave plenty of space inside to write your own good wishes to your loved one. Whether you’re looking for birthday cards, thank you cards, sympathy cards, condolence cards, or cards for any other occasion, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for with us, along with beautiful wrapping paper to perfectly present your gift.

Positive Vibes

Here at Ruby Ashley, we’re all about promoting a happier, more positive life. Not only can that be achieved by sending thoughtful and meaningful greeting cards, but it can also be achieved by staying motivated and inspired through positive affirmations. That’s why we’ve included motivational quotes postcards in our product collection. 


We also know from experience that being organised is the key to a happier, more positive lifestyle. So, we’ve included a daily planner and weekly planner pad among our products too so you can stay on top of everything you need to get done. We have a vision of a happier, more positive world, and we’re working towards it, one greeting card at a time!